Obama Leaders Europe 2022 have their first virtual meeting with President Barack Obama

A few weeks back, the Obama Leaders Europe 2022 had their first meeting with President Barack Obama, where selected members of the cohort got to ask the President questions while sharing their important work and reflections on the problems Europe faces in the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth is the only Dane nominated to participate in this year’s Obama Foundation’s Leaders Europe program. Together with 35 other European leaders, she will inspire modern leadership development through an intensive digital program delivered through a series of seminars and weekly workshops taking place during the first half of this year.


The only Danish participant, Sahra-Josephine Hjorth,  shared her reflections in advance of the online meeting in the video below.


It has since been announced that President Barack Obama and the Obama Leaders Europe 2022 will attend the Democracy Summit 2022 in Copenhagen in June hosted by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and the Former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.


About the Alliance of Democracies Foundation

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of democracy and free markets across the globe.


About The Obama Foundation Leaders Europe Program

Obama Foundation’s Leaders Europe 2022 is a six-month, virtual leadership development and civic engagement program that seeks to inspire, empower, and connect emerging leaders from across Europe. The Leaders Europe program identifies emerging leaders working in government, civil society, and the private sector who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. It aims to build a growing network of innovative and ethical changemakers who seek to drive change in their communities while developing and supporting one another.