Kicking off a New Year at Nasa Ames with Singularity University Discussing Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Learning

Folsom prison was a special place to play for the iconic Johnny Cash; the place had special meaning to him because he had played there in 1966 before benign famous as recommended by his preacher, and he then later returned to record a live album there. I suppose performing in specific places can carry more meaning than others. And winning n a special place is even greater. Like most sprinters want to win a Tour de France race at Champs Élysées.

For some, teaching is boring compared to singing or being a sports star, but my version of Folsom or Champs Élysées is teaching at the Nasa Ames Research Center in the SU building. There is crazy energy on campus, you meet lots of cool and exciting people, and of course, the old hangars, etc. are fascinating to explore.  Places matter to people. Places are tied to emotions and experiences. That’s why SU is at Nasa Ames.

This Executive Program kicked off by focusing on Augmenting Human Intelligence, Digital Manufacturing and setting the stage for learning. I was first up on the second day, Monday, where we discussed artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence, NLP, and learning. I also focused on the interplay between technology and methodology, and the NASA campus tour was at lunch.

One of the things I enjoy about my role as an expert on learning and artificial intelligence is that I get to play around with a lot of the solutions that are out there on the market. Edtech is finally a space where we see a lot of innovation, and I am positively surprised to see a lot of groundbreaking uses of AI. But more will come, and within a few years, all solutions will become intelligent.

I’ve shared some more pictures from my times at the campus.