A day teaching at Nasa Ames Research Center with Singularity University

When I first joined Singularity University, we did our first faculty training at the mysterious Nasa Ames Research Center, where Singularity University offices are located. Unfortunately for you, if your not attending a program or teaching, Nasa Ames Research Center is closed off to the public, but guests can go to the Visitors Center, where there is a mini-exhibit and a gift shop. But if you are actually interested in the work they do at NASA, visiting the “real” NASA in Florida makes a lot more sense. That's also where thy host space camp!

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching at Nasa Ames for the first time during an executive program. The participants had a pretty action-packed week:

– The Sunday programming was kicked off by focusing on Digital Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence and Augmenting Human Intelligence, followed by a tour of the Computer History Museum with Pascal Finette, Chipp Norcross, and others.

– Monday programming focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, AI, and Robots, and a talk by Peter Diamandis, the Executive Founder and Director of Singularity University, on Power and Implications of change. Right after lunch wad the NASA Walking Tour.

– Tuesday, my personal favorite speaker Raymond McCauley was on the program, focusing on Digital Biology and Hacking your DNA. For some reason, Raymond seems to be in Denmark every so often, so if you are normally based in Denmark, like I am, there should be a chance to catch one of his sessions.

– Wednesday, participants learned more about space, health and ethics and Thursday, I shared my perspectives on the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence in learning and education. The program concluded on Friday with talks on disruption and transformative leadership.

Below you can find a map of the singularity building at NASA Ames and some pictures from my trips there so far.