CanopyLAB CEO Sahra-Josephine Hjorth accepts appointment as faculty at SingularityU Nordic in Copenhagen

SingularityU Nordic aims to give inspiration as well as educate and empower leaders worldwide to use exponential technologies to solve national and international challenges. The community around SingularityU Nordic consists of corporations, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, development organizations, governments, and investors.


SingularityU Nordic’s faculty are carefully selected experts with in-depth knowledge of exponential technologies. In spring 2018, our CEO Sahra-Josephine Hjorth has officially appointed Faculty The position as a Future of Learning faculty is the first worldwide, and Sahra-Josephine has already had the opportunity to hold lectures on the topic. In March, Sahra-Josephine was invited to Verbier, Switzerland, by Sir Richard Branson to lecture on the future of learning to a selected and exclusive group of people in his private house.

As a SingularityU Faculty member, SingularityU Nordic has published the following:


Ph.D. Fellow Sahra-Josephine Hjorth has spent the past five years creating analog and digital learning experiments with groundbreaking results. In addition to inventing the first pedagogy for online learning and coining the term “Virtual Immersion Program”, Sahra-Josephine has leveraged her background as a researcher to found CanopyLAB – a leading adaptive learning company headquartered in Copenhagen.


Sahra-Josephine is an expert on converging technologies and how these are applied in learning contexts to design personalized and adaptive learning experiences that empower end-users to improve their lives. In her talks, she focuses on AI, Blockchain, and VR & AR. During her ongoing Ph.D. research, Sahra-Josephine discovered that in the physical classroom, we learn in more than different ways. This stands in sharp contrast to digital learning settings that, on average only enable five different ways of learning. Sahra-Josephine conducts experiments on the CanopyLAB platform to allow all 53, thus pushing the boundaries for learning in the future. Unlike any other EdTech, Sahra-Josephine has led CanopyLAB to an average completion rate of 78%, compared to 7% across the industry.

A prominent researcher and leader with a direct and candid attitude, Sahra-Josephine is a sought-after expert and speaker, nationally and internationally.”

Sahra-Josephine is now looking forward to sharing and discussing her ideas and prediction on the future of learning. 

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